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3 Tips to from the Hussain Architectural team to help you meet tight deadlines

At the Hussain Architectural Design offices we're often managing a project with a short turnaround time, it is crucial that all contributing team members stay organised and maintain clear communication. With multiple team members handling different project tasks, miscommunication can result in missed deadlines. By missing just one deadline, the risk of delaying the original timeline and project end date increases massively. Here are some tips from the team to help you meet even the tightest of projects:

Review the timeline with all contributing team members as well as the client. The timeline should illustrate each task involved in the project, the responsible party and a completion date for each deliverable. If the timeline doesn’t feel realistic for both parties, consider negotiating alternative end dates or breaking the project into phases.

Assign projects to the right team members. Some people thrive under pressure and others find it extremely challenging. Choose a project team that can balance a growing workload well and won’t become overwhelmed quickly by a close end date.

Production meetings or weekly check-ins with the project contributors are crucial. With an aggressive deadline it’s important to understand how each phase is progressing.

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