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Shisha lounges clampdown!

We've had a number of business owners who have been in contact in regards to legalising their Shisha cafes, the smokefree legislation for England (1997) makes it a criminal offence to allow smoking, which includes shisha, in virtually all enclosed public places and all workspaces. Indoor workplace smoking is a criminal offence and anyone wanting to smoke has to go outside in an open area to smoke.

Enclosed areas are areas you provide for use by smokers with a ceiling or roof and (except for doors, windows or passageways) are wholly enclosed either on a permanent or temporary basis. Shelters too close to other structures may be considered enclosed.

Areas you provide for use by smokers with a ceiling or roof but have an opening in the walls, which is less than half the total area of the walls. The area of the opening does not include doors, windows or any other fittings that can be opened or shut. Temporary openings, umbrellas, canopies, shutters, doors or windows are assumed closed or fully extended when calculating the 50 per cent rule.

We have uploaded some of our sketches for you, if you are a business owner feel free to contact us.

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