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Accommodation Report for Immigration

UK Visa Property Inspection Reports also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports, Immigration Accommodation Reports, UKBA Property Reports or Home Survey Reports for Immigration. 

HAD are experts in preparing housing condition reports in support of entry clearance applications for Settlement Visas and Family Visit Visas. Border entry require a QUALIFIED body to carry out these inspections.

Our Immigration inspections for UK entry clearance have a 100% record of being accepted by British High Commissions and the UK Home Office. In recent times these reports are becoming more important as many applications are refused by Entry Clearance Officer as they fail to meet the requirements.  

HAD offer the following services:
Qualified Surveyors carry out the inspection
Certificate issued within 3 working days
Customer focused service, including evening and weekend appointments
Clear judgments on key housing issues, including Statutory Overcrowding
Accepted by British High Commissions and the UK Home Office
We can also produce floor plans to support the application.

HAD have years of experience in preparing immigration accommodation inspection reports to satisfy the requirements of the UK Border Agency for Entry Clearance into the UK. Unlike other independent property inspection providers, HAD are qualified building and property experts and prepare accommodation reports for immigration purposes to ensure special care is taken during every step of the report process so that our customers receive only the best service we can offer. When we receive your request, we will immediately set to work, to ensure you receive a fast and professional service.

I need an urgent report, can HAD help?
Sometimes sponsors/applicants require accommodation reports for immigration purposes within 24/48 hours. Please contact us on 07786 391688 (out of office hours) 01282 451428 (Monday-Friday 9:30-4:30pm) or email 

What needs to be within a Report?
As part of the UK Entry Clearance requirements, the UK Border Agency requires an assessment of the intended accommodation prior to arrival to the UK. Such an assessment should be undertaken by a qualified body and a report/certificate is issued to indicate if the property will become overcrowded within the definition of the Housing Act 1985 and will not contravene public health regulations. HAD are building and property experts, we satisfy the UK Border Agency’s requirements as a qualified body (insured) to prepare a comprehensive report confirming the status of the proposed accommodation’s housing standards.

Practitioner’s Qualifications:
BA(Hons) (M.Arch.), Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology
Bsc (Hons) ARCH – Specialist in the Science of Arch
FDA Interior & AT

What happens if I need another copy of my Report?
If a replacement letter, ammendments or an additional letter is needed, HAD will provide you with an additional/replacement copy for a fee of £10 (which will be sent by Royal Mail First Class Delivery). It is worth noting that the letter will not be re-dated, and will be a copy of the original letter issued. If a re-dated letter is needed, this will require a new application for a report. Please note that the UK Border Agency will not accept reports that are greater than 12 weeks old.

Do you offer any discounts?
Multiple inspections in the same geographical area and from the same company/individual can be discounted.

Which areas of the UK are covered?
We can carry out inspections throughout England and Wales, including London, Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire areas. Please contact us to discuss a quotation.

What happens if my property does not meet the housing standards?
If the dwelling does not meet the requirements of the UK Border Agency, HAD will issue a report for ‘unsatisfactory’ housing conditions for the purposes of Entry Clearance into the UK. Within the unsatisfactory report, we will inform the applicant/sponsor of the reasons why an unsatisfactory accommodation report has been issued. If the matters arising, noted within the unsatisfactory report are resolved, we will re-inspect the property.


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