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UK Visa Property Inspection Reports also known as Entry Clearance Inspection Reports, Immigration Accommodation Reports, Housing Inspections for Entry Clearance or UKBA Property Reports are required to demonstrate that the proposed applicant, sponsors or those appealing against a refusal for a UK Visa, have suitable accommodation available to them upon arrival in the United Kingdom. 


How long does the certificate last?

The letter lasts for 3 months from the date it is issued.



Can you back date the letter?

No, the certificate date cannot change under any circumstances. A new inspection will need to be carried out.


How long will the process take?

From the point of submitting the form or the surveyor visiting the property to receiving the letter should take 3-4 working days for a standard service and 1-2 working days for the fast track.



What happens when I submit my forms?

  • A Housing Standards surveyor will contact you to arrange an appointment convenient for yourself.

  • The Surveyor will attend your property. They will measure the bedroom sizes and have a check the condition of the property for any defects.

  • The Surveyor will then tell you if the property is suitable for the person to inhabit the property.

  • Within the next 3-4 working days you will receive your certificate for the Immigration Authorities.



Can my child share my and my spouses/partner’s room?

Only very young children can, up to the age of 1 year old but they must be the biological or adoptive parent.


Can I use the lounge as a bedroom?

If you have two separate lounges partitioned with a solid wall (Normally 300mil) and individual doors from the hallway you can class one as a bedroom. If there are dividing doors or have a walk through lounge you cannot use it as a bedroom.

When you have completed the form(s) please return them or bring them, with any supporting documents.


Private Housing Assesment for UKBA



  • 0.5 a person is classed as a child at the ages of 1 – 10 years, after the age of 10 the child becomes 1 person.

  • Babies can share with their parents if under 1 and are not included for this purpose.

  • Children of opposite sex can only share a bedroom up until the age of 10 years old.

  • Children cannot share a bedroom with an adult apart from the biological Mother and Father.

  • Siblings aged over 10 years cannot share a bedroom with another of the opposite sex who is under 10 years.

  • There must be one toilet and wash hand basin for every 5 inhabitants.

  • You must have a kitchen which is fully functional (e.g. stoves, oven and hot & cold running water into a sink) and can support the inhabitants of the property including the person/ persons coming into the UK.

  • There must be a fixed heating system in the property (e.g. heating in every habitable room).

  • The property must be kept in good order (e.g. no loose slates, no leaking gutters).

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