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Design your work-space for higher productivity (Office Design)

There's been many studies carried out that show the correlation of a company’s work space and their overall productivity. Here are some ways you can design your work-space for higher productivity, let us know what you think..

1. Don’t always assume an open floor plan is right for your employees, The Harvard Business Review conducted research on open office floor plans and found that 'there’s some evidence that removing physical barriers and bringing people closer to one another does promote casual interactions. But there’s a roughly equal amount of evidence that because open spaces reduce privacy, they don’t foster informal exchanges and may actually inhibit them. Some studies show that employees in open-plan spaces, knowing that they may be overheard or interrupted, have shorter and more-superficial discussions than they otherwise would.'

2. create different settings or zones. It can even be as simple as changing the lighting in different areas. Lighting company Phillips has found in their research that raising light levels in an office increased productivity 8% and decreased accidents by 52%.

3. Have access to quiet, private places for concentrated work, Creating quiet/no-talking space for your employees is an initiative they’ll surely thank you for in the future!

Conclusion: No matter the size of your company, the office space matters and has a significant impact on your employees productivity and job satisfaction. Hussain Architectural Design Ltd have worked on a number of offfice design projects.

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