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Building a Basement London

Building a basement can provide extra living space without drastically hugely altering the exterior of your home.

Planning Permission

Converting an existing basement underneath a dwelling from a storage area to habitable space involves only a ‘change of use’ and so may not require planning permission. Reducing the floor level of a cellar to improve the ceiling height will increase the size of the property and is consequently treated as an extension and so could require planning permission. Under certain circumstances, however, modest extensions and alterations can be undertaken without the need to make a planning application under what are known as Permitted Development rights: for further information visit the Planning portal:

Building Regulations

The making of a new basement will require Building control approval regardless of whether it involves a change of use of an existing basement, or the formation of a new or larger basement through excavation. The Building Regs are statutory minimum construction standards that ensure buildings are safe, hygienic and energy efficient.

For guidance on meeting the Building Regs, please see Approved Document — Basements for Dwellings, which includes all of the relevant regulations.

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