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Illegal Shisha Lounge's are being closed down!

A number of illegal shisha lounges are being demoloished and closed down throughout the UK, the council is clamping down and with good reason. Many shisha cafes in the UK have had shelters designed and structures amended along with heating equipment and furniture designed to replicate the inside of a building. Providing at least 51 per cent of the structure is open to the air, planning permission, building control etc are in place these shelters are perfectly legal to smoke in, with additional licenses required to serve food, drink and provide entertainment.

A recent case of a shelter being demolished was in Harrow at the Yasmien restaurant and shisha bar where the extension that contained the lounge was torn down in minutes by the council and returned to the original boundaries.

Are you operating without permission? Or looking to open a new Shisha cafe, we can help you legalise and work with the local authority to achieve majority natural air coming in to your structure.


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