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Is your Shisha bar legal?

It is quite clear – illegal shisha businesses will not be tolerated by any local authority in the UK. Non-compliant businesses can expect regular visits from the Council and their partners until they are satisfied that compliance has been achieved.

It is verylikely that the owners of non-compliant shisha bars/cafe will be prosecuted and if you are licensed to sell alcohol, your licence may also be at risk.

If you're thinking of opening a shisha bar and unsure of the smoking laws in regards to structures give us a call on: 01282 451428

If you are a business owner and have been asked to legalise your building contact us.

We offer the following services:

- Full Planning Permission (Change of use/signage)

- Building Control Application

- Internal Layout Design i.e Seating etc

- Interior Design i.e Full 3D design

- Branding

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