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Ways to reduce condensation in your home

1. When you are cooking, make sure you have your extractor fan switched on, that's if you have one, or open a window to let the moisture escape and don’t close the window, or switch off the fan, for half an hour after you have finished. Placing lids on pans while cooking will also reduce the amount of moisture that escapes into the air.

2. Don’t dry your washing indoors. If there is no alternative, then open a window in the room that you are drying the clothes in.

3. One of the main causes of condensation is the moisture you exhale when breathing. Opening a window in the rooms in which you spend a lot of time, will help improve ventilation and stop the condensation from accumulating.

4. If you fill your wardrobes full of clothes, there will be no room left to allow the air to circulate. That means all the warm and damp air will be trapped and your wardrobes will become a breeding ground for mould.

5. Taking a shower and a bath create a lot of moisture too. Open a window, or turning on the extractor fan which will let some of the steam out and help to stop the condensation forming.

6. Especially during the cold periods, it is best to keep all the rooms in the property at a constant, low level of heat, even when you are not there and in rooms that you dont use. If you let one room get significantly colder than the others, or you allow the house to get very cold during the day then it is more likely that condensation will form.

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