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Planning Permission

A planning application for installing a kitchen or bathroom is generally not required unless it is part of a house extension. However, if your property is a listed building you should consult the Local Planning Authority.


Greener Homes

Pay attention to the appliances and fittings. Look for A-rated (energy efficient) kitchen appliances. Also look for aerated taps, which reduce water use.

If mains gas is available, use it for cooking as well as heating. If it’s not, consider an electric induction hob, which saves energy over a conventional electric or halogen hob.

If you are undertaking a bathroom renovation, think about the amount of water you are going to consume. You can usefully reduce this by buying low flush toilets, low flow showers and basin taps, and a smaller capacity bath.


Building Regulations

Work to refit a kitchen or bathroom with new units and fittings does not generally require building regulations approval, although drainage or electrical works that form part of the refit may require approval under the building regulations.

If a bathroom or kitchen is to be provided in a room where there wasn't one before, building regulations approval is likely to be required to ensure that the room will have adequate ventilation and drainage, and meet requirements in respect of structural stability, electrical and fire safety.


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