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Interior Architecture & Design 

Our interiors are inspired by: your home and your business. Before we put pencil to paper we find out everything there is to know about what you do and how you do it. When and only when we have a full picture of your ethos, your customers and your operation, we work with you to give you an interior that enhances your experience of your brand. 


We design interiors for residential spaces, health and fitness clubs, spas, bars, restaurants, hotels and offices. 




From the outset we will listen to our Clients and initiate a dialogue that will allow us to understand your operation.

We will then assess the strategic needs and commercial objectives that are required and from this position, we can create a clear and coherent strategy for resolution, which forms the basis for our design work.



By listening to our clients and understanding their business needs we deliver fresh, creative solutions for both Interior and Architecture projects.


Interior Architecture:


  • Project Feasibility Studies

  • Space Allocation and Space Planning

  • Creative Interior Concept Design

  • Detailed Information Packages

  • Lighting Design Specification

  • Specialist Joinery Details

  • Furniture and Equipment Specification

  • Scope of Works Documentation

  • Procurement Schedules

  • Project Administration

  • Planning Applications




1. We can do the complete interior refurbishment including ceiling, flooring, lighting, etc, call us on 01282 451428


2. We will ask you various questions about your project (i.e. budget, level of service, description of your requirements) and ask you to send materials such as sketched plans, photographs and any other information you can provide us with.


3. Once everything is agreed we will carry out a site visit to measure up, and look for any potential problems so that we can make any further alterations to the plans if necessary. 


4. We are now at the stage where we can produce a set of 2D plan drawings with section elevation and 3D visuals.


5. We will review the drawings with you and make any changes at this point.


6. We will present you with final images/animations and specifications. 










































































































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